Awards & Recognitions

Mr. Gracia was a recognized with the G2X 2020 Change Agent Award. Nominated by their peers, the G2X Change Agent Award recognizes Federal IT and Consulting leaders from industry and Government who are working every day to take calculated risks and positively disrupt the Federal market, while having a measurable impact on the culture and the critical missions of the organizations they serve.

Meet the G2X Change Agent Awardees, 36 Leaders disrupting the Federal landscape

January 31, 2020


Media Appearances

Disruptive Tech Summit – Change Agents Shifting the Landscape

This annual event, G2Xchange/MileMarker10 Disruptive Tech Summit:  Change Agents Shifting the Landscape, brought together Federal IT leaders, innovators, game changers, and disruptors that are leading and transforming federal information technology.  Mr. Gracia moderated a panel discussing how the emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence are impacting agency operations and procurement.

G2Xchange FedHealthIT    February 10, 2021


Emerging Technology / Acquisition Community of Interest

Organizations desire to reduce time-consuming, repetitive, but necessary, processes. Emerging technologies like RPA can improve processes and provide benefits like improved data accuracy, reduced costs, and increased output.

Mr. Gracia participated as a panelist with the ACT-IAC Emerging Technology and Acquisition Community of Interest (COIs) on January 19 to discuss how agencies are leveraging and adopting emerging technologies to streamline the acquisition process.

American Council for Technology (ACT) and Industry Advisory Council (IAC)   January 19, 2021


The Big Bang of Acquisition Innovation Labs

The National Contract Management Association’s (NCMA) 39th Annual Government Contract Management Symposium (GCMS), continued its tradition of providing world-class programming for the contracting community.

This session discussed innovation labs across the federal government, and how the culture of change is being realized. Mr. Gracia discussed the Procurement Innovation Branch (PIB) at the Internal Revenue Service, and provided a  preview of the FY21 Innovation Action Plans and what we hopes to accomplish through the PIB.

The National Contract Management Association  December 4, 2020


Beyond OTAs: Adapting Requirements & Flexibility in Contracts

A major emphasis in acquisition reform has been contracting speed. The need isn’t just to meet commercial timelines and lower barriers to entry. Capabilities must be delivered at the speed of relevance. In this webinar, Mr. Gracia discussed looking beyond Other Transactions, and what else could be done to improve outcomes such as the use of funding instruments, requirements of cost or pricing data, and contracting culture more generally.

The recording of the webinar can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNGWtmoxG7E&t=476s

George Mason University Center for Government Contracting  November 10, 2020


Ask the Expert: Automation and Emerging Technology for Procurement: Internal Revenue Service

Several federal agencies and organizations are testing or using automation and emerging technologies (e.g. AI. RPA, etc.) to modernize acquisition and drive decision-making.

In this webinar, Mr. Gracia discussed the experiences at the Internal Revenue Service, and allow participants to learn how these technologies can help your organization.

The recording of the webinar can be found here: https://iaccm.wistia.com/medias/ch2ygam0yp

World Commerce and Contracting   October 29, 2020


Disruptive Tech Awards – Programs Shifting the Landscape

This event brought together Federal IT leaders, innovators, game changers and disruptors that are leading and transforming Federal information technology.  Learn about their mission-focused priorities, challenges, road blocks and opportunities they are driving on behalf of their organizations. Mr. Gracia delivered a “Tech Talk” on how emerging technology tools are changing the landscape fr federal procurement, and the impacts to the federal workforce and industry.

FedHealthIT And G2Xchange FedCiv   September 16, 2020


Industry and Government Communications: How Collaboration Improves Outcomes

In this presentation at the Federal Information Technology (FIT) Gov Summit –
(formerly the Annual CPIC Conference), Mr. Gracia looked into the classic mistakes to avoid when doing business in government contracting. He discussed the “hot trends” in these issues from both the government and industry perspective. Attendees learned best practices and guiding principles as it pertains to improving government management overall, and how to ensure the more common mistakes get avoided.

Presentation Materials: FITGovSummit_Gracia_08132020

AIM Council   August 13, 2020


This panel-type discussion with three Contract Management Leadership Development Alumni (CMLDP) gave their respective “TED Talk” style presentations on their leadership journeys in federal procurement. Mr. Gracia discussed his experiences with the CMLDP, and how the program shaped his leadership in the workplace, his vision, and what he believes the future will be in contracts in his own organization.

May 2020 – Hot Topic Informational And Educational Seminar/Virtual Dinner Meeting

NCMA Tysons   May 26, 2020


In this webinar, Emerging Technology and The Workforce: Effecting or Affected? That Is the Question, sponsored by the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), Mr. Gracia joined a panel of other experts discussing how emerging technologies are transforming federal government.  The discussion focused on the unique opportunities presented to government leadership in transitioning federal workforce skill set to embrace AI/ML, Blockchain, and the like into their portfolios.

The webinar was covered by Government CIO magazine.


Government CIO   May 21, 2020


Mr. Gracia was a panelist in the May ACT-IAC Emerging Technology virtual meeting for a presentation on Emerging Technology Use Cases to Improve Federal Acquisitions.  The group presented the results of a research project to explore innovative ways acquisition leaders have been leveraging emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, RPA, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of contracting professionals and improve the speed+efficiency of the federal acquisition process.  This presentation also shared best practices spanning federal government and include recommendations for government officials interested in using technology to modernize their contracting capabilities.


Ivalua   May 19, 2020


Mr. Jaime Gracia, Acquisition Manager for the Internal Revenue Service, spoke at this session for Ivalua Now Virtual; an online conference focused on procurement. This session, “Removing Barriers to Small Business Participation in Government Markets,” was part of the conference on how procurement can deliver value, whether that be from supplier collaboration, supplier innovation, risk management, advanced strategies and the capabilities to deal with challenges, or from a cost and operational perspective.

Ivalua   May 05, 2020


Federal CIO, where art thou?

FEMA’s David Grant announced he’s retiring in January after 34 years of federal service, while Kevin Gates is leaving the House Armed Services Committee.

Reporter’s Notebook   December 04, 2017


Want to Work With the Government? Consider Subcontracting

If you’re new to government contracting, getting your foot in the door can be difficult. Subcontracting can help you get a head start on doing business with the government..

American Express – Business Trends and Insights

December 01, 2016


Acquisition workers as critical thinkers: A change that has to happen

In Federal News Radio’s special report, Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform, the Defense Acquisition University, the Federal Acquisition Institute and other experts say a new kind of acquisition worker is needed. One that brings business acumen, understands technology and knows the FAR forward and back. The ever-evolving training regime for federal acquisition workers is no longer just about the hard skills of acquisition.

Management   October 15, 2014


In Depth interviews – August 10

On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.

All News   August 10, 2012


All things Web 2.0

Jaime Gracia, Guy Timberlake, and Evan Weisel, join host Mark Amtower to discuss everything you need to know about social media. July 23, 2012(Encore presentation August 13, 2012)

Amtower Off-Center   July 24, 2012


In Depth interviews – May 11

On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.

All News   May 12, 2012


Analysis: DHS proposed rule might hurt agency-industry collaboration

Jaime Gracia is industry co-chair of the Better Government IT Working Group and President and CEO of Seville Government Consulting.

All News   October 26, 2011


Putting IT reform into action

Jaime Gracia, industry co-chair of the Better Government IT Working Group, and President and CEO of Seville Government Consulting, discusses how the working group will translate its findings into action.

All News   September 29, 2011



Acquisition Workforce Career Development: A Needed Focus of Reform

Jaime Gracia discusses the continuing decline of skill sets of the acquisition workforce at a time when contracts and government management are becoming more complex, and the need for professionalization.

Contract Management Magazine   December, 2014



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